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Monday, August 10, 2020

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Basic Service Plan includes:

  • Fast, reliable 56K dialup Internet access with local numbers nationwide. Add WebRunner acceleration for a nominal fee. Look below to learn more.
  • 3 email accounts (mailboxes) and Web-based email access.
  • Free, live 24/7 Customer Support is ready to serve you in any way they can. Call for help at 866-573-1244.
  • 10MB of Personal Web Space-Just call Customer Support 866-573-1244 to make arrangements and get things started.
  • Monthly eNewsletter featuring Virus alerts, Web Surfing Tips, and more…
  • We never share your information with outside companies; we respect your privacy.
  • Convenient credit card payment processing.
  • No Long Term Contracts!

High-Speed Dialup Service Plan includes:  

  • All the features of the Basic Service Plan and
  • WebRunner lets you surf the Net up to 5x faster than using a regular 56K modem without the costs, hassle, or extra equipment of a broadband connection. Unlike other high-speed products you can take WebRunner with you on your laptop! Work high-speed wherever you go. Click here to try WebRunner FREE for 7 days with no risk.

1. What is "filtering"?

When you hear the phrase, "filtering the Internet", this is referring to the process of blocking (or preventing) certain types of information from being viewed on your computer's Internet browser.

Put simply, an Internet filter's job is to prevent certain types of information on the Internet, whether it is pictures or words, from being displayed on your computer's screen.

The most common type of information people want "filtered" are web pages that are "sexually-oriented", containing nudity and sex. The common term for this type of information is "pornography". A good Internet filter can filter many more categories of information.

Types of Internet Filters:

There are two common types of Internet filters. Those two are "client-side" your computer and "server-side" our servers which allow you to connect to the internet.

A client-side filter is software you can buy or get for free (We-Blocker) and install on your computer. Information travels from your Internet service provider (ISP) to your computer. The filter software on your computer then checks the page before displaying it against its criteria for types of information that should be blocked. If money is an issue this filter is good if you monitor the computer on regular bases.

A server-side filter is software that is your ISP has installed on their server. Information travels from the Internet to your ISP's server-side filter. The filter then checks the page, before allowing it to reach your computer, against its criteria for types of information that should be blocked.

2. Why is server-side filtering safer than installing filter software on my computer?

A client-side filter is not as secure as a server-side filter. A client-side filter is filtering software that has to be installed on your computer. Because the filter software is installed on your computer, it can be uninstalled or bypassed if your children are computer save enough.

There are easily found web sites on the Internet that give detailed information to children on how to disable all of the major client-side filter software, like We-Blocker, free down load. They also tell kids how to uninstall and reinstall the filter removing any traces without their parents knowing what they did.

Server-side filtering cannot be disabled or uninstalled. It is located on the Internet service provider's server preventing tampering. This type of ISP is known as a "filtered" ISP.

Another advantage to server-side filtering is that the "filter list" which contains the information telling the filter which web sites go with which categories gets updated every night. No reminders or having to wait for anything to download to your computer!

Family Filtered Service Plan includes:

  • All the features of the Basic Service Plan and
  • Family Filtering package, featuring X-Stop©, the #1 rated filtering system for content (pornography, foul language and hate sites) in the industry. It's server-based it blocks problems before they reach you, protecting all the computers in the house. There is no updates or maintenance for you to do.

We-Blocker (free downloadable filtering software)

Parents are different when it comes to deciding what type of material to allow their children to view on-line. Web sites involving pornography, violence, drugs and alcohol, gambling, hate speech, adult subjects and weaponry can be eliminated from your computer with the simple click of a mouse. We-Blocker enables you to restrict access to the types of websites that you feel may be unsuitable for your family.

Fully customizable and easy to use, the We-Blocker software permits you to create accounts for each member of your household and place restrictions on access to the seven categories of materials listed above. Parents can make changes to the user profiles, or make exceptions to accessing a certain site under a password-protected basis.

Click here to learn more on the We-Blocker Home page!
Click here for more info

Click here to download a FREE copy of We-Blocker software!
Click here to download Weblocker

Fast and Reliable Connections

We are continually working to deliver the best possible service. With thousands of local access numbers, and more continually being added, we are sure that you will get the service you need and want. Coverage areas include the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Canada!



  • Dial-Up Internet Service with 3 email accounts/10 mg Web Space: $16.95 monthly fee

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Call Customer Support toll free 866-573-1244 to sign-up over the phone.

Tips for Switching Your ISP

Be Prepared (phone list at bottom)

Some service providers give you the run-around when you try to discontinue service, offering several months of free service if you continue. Many customers report accepting this offer only to find that they get billed for the extra months and have to go through the process of calling again to get disconnected. Be firm the first time and don’t accept any offers of free service. Remember that there’s a reason why most of them only let you cancel over the telephone. They want you talking to one of their sales representatives.

For users who have monthly fees directly debited from their checking accounts, be sure to notify your bank to not accept any more debits from your old service provider.

Make sure you send a general email notice of your new email address from your old service to everyone in your address book that you want to continue contact with. Also, be sure to copy yourself at your new address. If you are using Outlook (Express) or Eudora your address book should remain intact with your new service. If you are an AOL customer you will need to copy the addresses from the notification email described above to your new email address book. This process has taken as little as 8 minutes to as long 20 minutes for an address list of 50 names.

Quickest Way To Cancel

What’s quickest way to cancel your existing Internet service? Pick up the phone. In fact, in most cases, it's the only way. We've put a list here of the major Internet Service Providers, along with their phone numbers and other information you need to cancel your account. When you contact your old provider, be sure to have the following information available:

  • User Name (email address)
  • Password
  • Mailing address and/or phone number
  • Number of the credit card that you charged the service to (sometimes the last four digits are used for verification purposes)

Here's a list of phone numbers (and other information) for the major Internet Service Providers to let you cancel your old account:

America Online (AOL): AOL lets its members cancel by phone, fax or mail.

Phone: 1-888-265-8008

Fax: 1-801-622-7969 (include your full name, phone number, address and either your screen name or the last four digits of the credit card you billed the account to)

Mail: America Online, P.O. Box 1600, Ogden, UT 84401 (send the same information required for a fax) For additional information, go to Keyword: Cancel.

CompuServe: Phone only 1-800-292-3900

Earthlink: Phone only 1-800-890-6356

Microsoft Network(MSN): Phone only 1-800-386-5550

Prodigy: Phone only 1-800-213-0992

Worldnet (AT&T): Phone only 1-888-613-3064

If your provider isn't listed here, contact its customer service department.

To signup or for support, please call 866-573-1244
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